View testimonials from a few of our fitness club insurance customers below:

I am a small business owner in a seasonal community; I am also a single mom with two teenage boys so my time is precious. Navigating through insurance is time consuming and usually painful; my former agent didn’t understand my unique circumstances seasonally. My premiums continued to escalate every year, even without losses. Desperate to find something affordable I searched the internet to find a company that I could trust and who would work with my unique seasonal business. Thankfully, I stumbled across Buck and Affiliates, and specifically Steven Meisner. What a treasure! Steve has steered me through a rocky financial situation and has been there every step of the way when we had devastating water damage. I highly recommend Steve and his company. If you need a professional who cares with a team who emulate his professionalism look no further. The entire staff is wonderful and they go the extra mile every time. If you aren’t already dialing his number who should be.

Barbara Niggel

Willy’s World Wellness & Conference Center

Cape Cod

In todays’ busy business world often times the feedback we receive is a complaint or criticism, not an affirmation of a job well done. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the spectacular service we have received from Buck & Affiliates Insurance and you in particular. I have been in the health club business for 20 years and the advice and guidance I have received from you regarding our insurance needs has been unmatched in all those years. I appreciate the time you took away from your family on at least 2 occasions to respond to my queries while you were on vacations, this is unheard of in your industry. I also appreciate your taking the extra steps to really learn about how our teams process incident information, review our liability waivers and releases and guide us towards better procedures to better protect our interests and thereby reduce our exposure. You are defiantly in a league of your own and we at Gold’s Gym owe you a debt of gratitude for your help.


Owner, Jeffrey Goldsmith, FLorida

There was no need to look anywhere else for insurance once I talked to Steve.
I liked his professional and helpful manner immediately. Our friendly conversations helped him determine the best coverage for our fitness center. He was always happy to answer my many questions and got back to me right away right away every time. When an unforeseen problem occurred at our facility, he was there with advice and emailed me the information I needed promptly.

Excellent Service, Great Coverage, Reasonable Rates. You will be happy you chose Buck and Affiliates as your insurance provider. I know I am.

Diane Moy
Dynamic Fitness
dynamic fitness
Evergreen, CO

We are so pleased to have found Steven Meisner and his group at Buck & Affiliates Insurance.

More than just an agent, we see Steven has a true business partner. He’s dependable, highly responsive to our calls and emails, understands the specific needs of business owners in the health & fitness industry, and is simply an all-around good person. For years, we struggled with trying to find a quality insurance agent and dreaded annual renewals. But now that we have Steven, we have the confidence and expertise that we’ve always wanted and no longer fear the insurance process. Oh yeah … And he also saved us money by lowering our premiums.

Thanks Steven!

Shane Clayton, CFO & COO

Dallas, TX

Easy, fast and friendly……the three words that come to mind when working with Steve Meisner and Buck & Affiliates. A simple email to explain what we were looking for, a quote came a day or so later (during the Holidays I might add) and coverage began the next day! Steve made this process, which can be very overwhelming and worrisome easy and most of all affordable!
I highly recommend Steve for your insurance needs and appreciate the partnership we have formed!
Thank you Steve!!!!!!!!!!
Lori Hammersmidt
Health Yeah!
12510 E. Sprague Avenue
Spokane Valley, WA

Steven Meisner at Buck and Affiliates Insurance has been wonderful to work with. In the past we have had many issues with our gym’s insurance companies. Out of desperation we searched the web for someone new. Finding Steven has been a blessing. He has gotten us great rates without any hassles. Thanks again Steven.


I switched my commercial fitness center policies from an online company to Buck & Affiliates a few years ago and am beyond happy that I did. I used to have to follow up several times to try and get help or responses from my insurance company and only ever got passed around from phone rep to phone rep. Steven has made managing my insurance super easy – even proactively taking care of my needs -plus he saved me money (on a better policy) in the process! Highly, highly recommend.

Christie –Founder (480)626-5973

In a day when I seem to waste so much time on hold, or making a phone call just to reach voicemail, it’s wonderful and refreshing to have an insurance agent I can count on to take care of business immediately. I rarely even have to make a phone call when I need to make a simple change to our account, or need a document sent to a third party. Just a quick e-mail, and inevitably I receive a response within the hour saying it’s “all taken care of.” Those words are music to my ears. Thanks, Buck & Affiliates, for making my job easier!

Teri Mayfield
Club 24

I was with my prior Insurance Agent for 26 years; I would bid my insurance every two years. In earlier 2012 I had Buck & Affiliates participate in the bid process for my coverage. Steven worked with me throughout the process, I never felt pressured nor did I ever feel it was just about getting me as a client.
Buck & Affiliates made the bid process simple and efficient for me, they took time to educate me on options and coverage throughout the entire process.
When the bidding was completed, Steven & his company had saved us over $3,500.00 annually & improved our overall coverage. In addition to the savings, I would say their service and professionalism has exceeded my expectation as well.

Wayne Westwood
President, CCM Inc.
Fax: 503-675-7692

Steven with Buck Affiliates saved our day! We were able to reduce our insurance by almost 40%! We are now expanding into an event center to compliment the fitness center and Steven is helping us find the right coverage for that, too!

Diane L. Cash
Midtown Fitness of St. Cloud, LLC
Phone 320-251-2393

Oz Fitness has had the privilege to work with Buck & Affiliates since 2010 and we have been extremely satisfied with the excellent service provided. We have worked closely with Steven Meisner and his team, who have always provided the highest quality service as well as seeking out the most competitive pricing.
Thank you Buck and Affiliates!

Owner Ian Riley